The Ungifted Series

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“Magic’s been useful, but you don’t need magic to be useful. And you certainly shouldn’t have to apologize for not having it.”

Theodore Tolliver, Sneakthief

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In Eldingar, magical ability is a gift granted by the One Above. Those born without it, the ungifted, are sentenced to serve in the church or be executed as heretics.

Theodore Tolliver can’t cast a spell to save his life, but he’ll be damned before he resigns to a life of servitude. When he’s conscripted into a shadowy band of ungifted bandits, he begins to make a life for himself as their Sneakthief. At home in the shadows, it’s not the life he imagined, but it’s better than what he’d been headed for.

Nicholas Alcyon watched, helpless, as one of his best friends was taken into church custody two years ago. As the scion of Eldingar’s oldest family line, his whole life has been curated to position him for success, and he’s intent on using that to make good on his promise to change the world.

When the Sneakthief is sent into the capital city of Umbrial to rob the church itself, it should be the heist of a lifetime. Instead, it sets in motion events that could help them both achieve their dreams–if they’re willing to work together. And if they can survive.

The Ungifted series is adventure fantasy featuring LGBTQ+ characters, magic, heists, and an exploration of power and privilege that will appeal to fans of Jordan L. Hawk, C. S. Pacat, Everina Maxwell, C. L. Polk, and K. J. Charles.