The Ungifted Series

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“Magic’s been useful, but you don’t need magic to be useful. And you certainly shouldn’t have to apologize for not having it.”

Theodore Tolliver, Sneakthief

Theodore Tolliver can’t cast a spell to save his life. He’s ungifted in a world where being magically gifted is the norm. As an ungifted, Theo’s only option is to serve the church of the One Above. To shirk his duty is to be branded a heretic, living outside of the law and the One’s protection. When he is recruited by the Outfit, an organization of ungifted bandits and thieves, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. If his very existence is a crime, he may as well lead the life of a criminal as the Outfit’s Sneakthief. It offers him the illusion of choice that he’s longed for his whole life.

Nicholas Alcyon’s life has been nothing but choices. A magical prodigy, precocious scholar, and the only son of a wealthy and influential family, he’s also being groomed as the next Archmage. It’s a dangerous position, but it’s also the final word on politics and policy, a position in which Nicholas could make sweeping changes that could break down the barriers between ungifted and gifted.  When his father hires the talented barrister Ignatius (Nate) Kettleburn to tutor him, Nicholas may finally have his chance.

The Ungifted series explores power and privilege; the systemic structures that maintain those; and what it is to be a member of the privileged elite, as well as someone on the outside. What can happen when they listen to one another, and what happens when interested parties don’t want those conversations to occur?